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Enjoy the most versatile machine available for manufacturing soft surface floor covering in the world today. Powered by 21st century technology and designed to minimize power consumption while maintaining efficiency: the latest models come equipped with state of the art electronics controlled by proprietary software. This software is continually updated based on production requirements to ensure all functions perform as designed.

It is our mission to produce machinery that will manufacture 21st century soft floor covering using 21st century technology.
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The Machine

At CYP Tech we do one thing and we do it well. We build the most advanced tufting machine in the world. Choose between our six color or our new twelve color CYP machine. Each is a world of possibilities waiting to be explored.

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The Art

The art file has a one to one relationship with the needles. One pixel means one tuft of the needle through the backing. Move the pixel around; move the yarn around. This makes the design easy to understand.

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The Product

Our brochure illustrates many examples of soft surface floor coverings in use; from residential decor to commercial usage in the hospitality industry and beyond. The variations are endless.

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The Marketing

We offer not only the machine, but a complete catalog of designs and machine files for these designs in standard sizes. This full package approach can save you months and months of preparation.

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